Rishab & Lipika

Till Plastics do us apart- our take on eco-friendly wedding
Weddings are the biggest one-time celebrations in life. The word ‘biggest” adds up to more when the weddings are in India – turning out to be a week-long celebration. With all the ceremonies of joy, rituals, and happiness bringing in family and friends together, what comes alongside with is the carbon footprints. These footprints are majorly in form of plastics and food waste. These wastages, even if done unconsciously, we fail to see the long-lasting effect it has on mother earth and its bounties we all have taken granted for.
While the planning of the wedding involved maximum grandeur and extravagance, being part of the Millennial generation and our increasing awareness for what’s best for the environment, we wanted “Concern for Nature” to be the mainstream of all ideas and activities. We laid our major emphasis on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Out of all the planning involved, a few of the major highlights were:

❤ Zero Plastic – From Water bottles, tableware to Décor, there was no existence of single use plastic at the wedding.
❤ Wedding invites adopted a new trend to E-Invites, keeping unnecessary paper wastage away and restricting the physical movement to distribute invites during the pandemic.
❤ Converting the excess food and other biodegradable waste into manure and compost at the venue itself.
❤ Using Chalkboards, cloth flex and other reusable write-up materials for signages and wayboard.
Taking consideration into all the small discreet details and the major highlighters of zero plastic gave us a direction towards the theme of “Eco-Friendly Wedding”. At no point, we or the guests had any inconvenience or felt like missing out on any part during the celebrations. The Wedding turned out to be a WIN-WIN factor after realizing how we can play around with elements by adding or removing factors and thus making difference. We hope that this theme becomes an example for all families to be followed for any event planned. ❤