PAKKA NA? Pakka ❤️
Me & tanuj knew each other as my friend is wedded to his own brother on may 2017 but we never spoke to each other that time. We again met on November 23rd 2017 at another friend’s wedding & that’s where our friendship started. He was back then staying in banglore completing his CS course & i was in chennai continuing my work (Makeup Artist). We used to talk over calls only for 10-15 mins as he would study whole day for his exams & sleep by sharp 9. Once his exams were done we used to talk whole night & day. During his exams results he would shiver & asked me to open & he was passed. He would tell me I’m his lucky charm as earlier he wouldn’t make it. Until his entire course i opened all his results & he was passed. He was finally CS Tanuj Kankaria his goal was accomplished. Tanuj always used to ask me Pakka na ? I was like ya pakka as jokingly. I dint knew what he meant. As year passed on Tanuj was traveling in train we were having a chat all of a sudden he was Pakka na? I asked him what Pakka? He said i really like you i am like ok then he was like i love you. I’m like what? I was shocked. I dint knew what to say him back. He wanted a answer from me on spot. I was like no i need time i too think. We dint talk for 2 days. He called me asked me for an answer i was like yes because we really shared a good bond. What i liked about Tanuj is he works so hard for what he wants , follows his passion , motivate & also helps others. Very committed to his work. He encourages me for what i do & also supported me in hard times. Never complaints about food let it be over fried or he dint like the taste he has it without telling a word(what else a girl wants)😛 but all he wants is food on table on time. Toh we both are opposite to each other like he is workaholic, studious, home food person i was fun loving, traveling, adventurous person. Still there was a spark between us like ya we would make it to a lifetime. That’s where our relationship started. That’s were our Pakka na? Yes, Pakka started❤️ We had a long distance relationship & would meet only once in 2 or 3 months but video call survived us. We used to sleep leaving the video call on & watch each other sleeping. Our video call knew all the emotions between us from Laughing, crying, missing each other, not having to hold hands when we wanted too. He shifted to chennai on 2019 & i was feeling all the butterflies in my stomach. We had our short term relationship too for a year & decided to speak to our parents about us. They accepted us & we got engaged on October 17th 2020. We had our own difficulties, ups&downs but at the end it was all worth it. We cannot wait to spend our rest of the life together & making it a memorable journey of life.